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Compact Video Measuring Machine

Part#: SHGXVS126
Supplier: Shimana
Calibration Certificate: available on request
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The Shimana Compact Video Measuring Machine was designed with the practicability in mind, it has a compact design thanks to the new light but rigid aluminum alloy frame. This is the next generation of optical comparators or digital microscopes, it can increase productivity while reducing scrap. Shimana SHGXVS126 Video Measuring System is a cost effective, compact and portable sollution for small parts inspection.

Shimana SHGXVS126 is a portable video measuring machine, it weights less than 20 Kg and it can be used with a laptop. 


  • Light but rigid aluminum alloy design
  • Step zoom lens with detents that do not require linear calibration with the software.
  • Includes high resolution 130,000 pixels CMOS camera without image card.
  • USB2.0 interface supports plug and play, can be even used with a laptop/notebook instead of a regular desktop PC
  • Powerful image based measuring system, including geometric and image measuring capability.
  • It is very simple to operate and is compatible with CAM/CAM, Microsoft Word and EXCEL for processing results.
  • The image measuring tools allow for quick measurement of point, line, arc circle, angle, B- spline curve, center point distance, etc.
  • LED Top & Bottom Lighting, Quick release precision stage.
  • Single Point edge detection multiple data & image capture.
  • Edge transition indicated by cross hair.
  • Large live image screen.
  • Powerful math calculating ability enables operator to remove rough edges so as to obtain accurate measurements.
  • Both measurement & image results can be displayed on computer screen.
  • Image tools offer quick easy to scan 2D profile points.
  • The visual display of measured objects can be saved, printed, or changed into Microsoft Word (*.doc), Excel (*.XLS), AUTO/CAD, (*.DXF) file format.
  • Inspectors are able to perform tolerance analysis and effective quality tests.
  • The object based design allows you to do direct calculations on the work piece.


Measuring Range(X/Y:mm) 200×100
Linear Scale/system Resolution 0.001mm/0.001mm
Precision (X/Y) (3+L/200) μm
Repeatability 3μm

Image Magnification 28-180X
Lens ≤0.7-4.5X step zoom lens

CCD High resolution CMOS with USB2.0 interface
Operation Mode Manual
Light Source USB LED light or external light
Transmission Ways Special Z axis transmission way
Load Capacity 10 kg
Gross weight ready to use weight under 20Kg
Power supply 110/115V 60Hz

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