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Horizontal Digital Comparator 350mm

Part#: SHGXOC071
Supplier: Shimana
Calibration Certificate: available on request
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The instrument can test effectively profile, section and surface shapes of various complicated work-pieces, such as templates, punching pieces, cams, gears, forming cutters, mercerizes etc. it is widely used in workshops and measuring stations of those industries: machinery, instrument & meter, watch-making, mould and electron etc.


  • It has a very strong general-purpose look, beautiful shape and convenient operation.
  • The Up-down movement system and worktable transmission both adopt imported V straight line guide, transmission is comfortable and convenient.
  • Two kinds of illuminations systems (high and low levels) can meet various illumination requirements of different workpieces and materials.
  • Image is very clear and symmetrical.
  • Surface illumination adopts fiber-optic transmission, so it has the characteristics of small-volume, high-brightness and easy-operation.
  • It has a high accuracy, and strong stability and reliability.
  • Worktabe is make of aluminum alloy material, so it is very light.
  • The digital display uses digitron to display length and angle.



  • Size ofworktable(mm): 400 x 150
  • X axis travel (mm): 0 ~ 200
  • Resolution: 0.001mm
  • Y axis travel (mm): 0~80 (focusing)
  • Z axis travel (mm): 0~150
  • Accuracy of X.Y axis: (3+L/75) µm



  • Screen diameter(mm): Ø350
  • Rotary range: 0°-360°
  • Rotary angle resolution: 1'
  • Rotary angle accuracy: 4'

"L": measuring length ofwork-piece ( Unit: M)



Magnification 10X (Standard) 20X (Optional) 30X (Optional) 100X (Optional)
View-field on object Ø35mm Ø17.5mm Ø7mm Ø3.5mm
Working distance 88.376mm 81.375mm 54mm 44.9mm
Magnification error




  • contour: 24V, 150W halogen tungsten bulb
  • surface: 24V, 150W halogen tungsten bulb

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